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At Congress in 2023, the TUC committed itself to solidarity with fellow ITUC & ETUC affiliates in Ukraine, the FPU and KVPU.

The motion also acknowledged the role of the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign in helping turn that commitment by British trade unionists into practical support for those Ukrainian unions as they work to protect their members in the most extreme of circumstances.

The USC runs regular crowdfunders, responding to the appeals of unions in Ukraine. We will feature some of those related to affiliates of our partners in the FPU and KVPU below.

Support rescue workers in Ukraine: help reach £10k

by Ukraine Solidarity Campaign in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Help reach £10k

With the support of firefighters and fire and rescue workers, health workers and others in the UK, the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign is raising funds in response to an appeal from the section of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine (NGPU), affiliated to KVPU, representing the teams of the 10th Mining Rescue Squad in eastern Ukraine. The work of the Rescue Squads includes not only operations in the mines that they have kept working, but also fighting fires and carrying out wartime rescue operations in the towns and villages which are under direct Russian artillery and missile attacks. Many rescue workers have been killed, some deliberately targeted by Russian strikes.

Photo: Rescue Squad
The 10th Mining Rescue Squad at work

They are working in very difficult conditions with few resources. The conditions in those areas is such that they have to carry out Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) operations with the most basic equipment. There is no on-hand facility for the supply or maintenance of sophisticated USAR detection and structural equipment as used by UK fire and rescue service USAR teams.

Help reach £10k

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