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10 Jul 2014

In a message to workers across the public sector on strike to defend pay and pensions today (Thursday), TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

“Across the public sector workers are on strike today to say enough is enough. Year after year pay has failed to keep up with the cost of living. Public sector workers are on average more than £2,000 worse off under this government.

“Nearly half a million local government workers earn less than the living wage. But even as the economy starts to grow, ministers have told them that the pay cap will last until at least 2018.

“This is why today’s strikers deserve public support. They are saying that ordinary workers should not be locked out of the recovery, and that we should all get a fair share as the economy grows again.”

Tomorrow morning Frances will attend two picket lines in King’s Cross – at a transport depot in York Way and then at Camden Council’s housing and adult social care offices – to show her support for public sector workers in local government, the civil service, schools and the fire service who are on strike over pay and pensions.

TUC research published earlier today (Wednesday) finds that since the government took office, a combination of pay freezes and below inflation pay increases have left local government workers, NHS staff, teachers, firefighters, civil servants and other public servants on average £2,245 worse off in real terms

- At 8.30am on Thursday Frances will visit a picket line outside the York Way transport depot to see striking drivers and escorts who work for Camden Council’s Accessible Transport Solutions, and who usually transport older people and those with a disability around the borough. Frances will be outside the York Way depot for approximately 15 minutes until around 8.45am. The depot is about ten minutes walk from King’s Cross station and its entrance is on the left hand side between the two bridges.
- At around 8.45am Frances will make the short trip to Camden’s housing and adult social care headquarters (38-50 Bidborough Street) to give her support to striking housing estate officers, sheltered housing officers and residential wardens. At both locations Frances will be available for interview.
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