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The TUC announces unveiling of a new plaque commemorating the return of four of the six Tolpuddle Martyrs. A plaque is to be unveiled Friday, March 18th, at 10:00 AM, by Sue Ferns, TUC President & Senior Deputy General Secretary of Prospect. The unveiling will be accompanied musically by Tim and Sue Brine, local folk musicians, and descendants of one of the Martyrs (James Brine). 

The Tolpuddle Martyrs were six agricultural workers who were sentenced to seven years' penal transportation for having sworn secret oaths. The six had agreed to collectively demand the higher wage of 10 shillings per week, in the face of wages being gradually decreased and a further intended wage cut to 6 shillings. A campaign to free the martyrs collected 800,000 signatures and a march was held to support their cause. Two years after their sentencing, they were pardoned and given leave to return home; a significant victory for collective bargaining rights, mass campaigns, and trade unionism as a whole. 

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