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We send our solidarity to the people of Brazil as they demand urgent change, to save lives and protect rights at risk from the misrule of their President and his cronies.

Brazil has a corrupt and anti-science leadership that has seriously compounded the horrors of Covid. It has been caught using Covid as cover for profiteering, while abandoning workers to unemployment or precarious informality. A disease which Bolsonaro dismissed as “just a little flu” has now killed more than half a million Brazilians.

Under Bolsonaro, Brazil is again one of the ten worst countries for working people in the ITUC’s annual Global Rights Index. Union leaders are threatened for organising strikes; two have been murdered. And Bolsonaro has shattered collective bargaining – a system that drives equality and fairness. 

But instead of giving up, workers are massing their collective power on the streets. Trade unions and their allies are already winning victories against his far-right agenda, and the TUC is proud to stand with them as they hold him to account.

In solidarity

Frances O'Grady

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