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As representatives of trade unions, lawyers, environmental groups and civic society, we urge ministers to withdraw the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill.

We are concerned that if passed into law, it could cause significant confusion and disruption for businesses, working people and those seeking to protect the natural environment.

The Bill would automatically sweep away thousands of pieces of legislation, upend decades-worth of case law, and risks putting the UK in breach of the Trade and Co-operation Agreement with the EU.

Ministers have yet to explain which laws they intend to retain, to amend or allow to expire.

Nor have they explained how Government and Parliament will cope with the vast amount of legislation this will involve being rushed through before the end of next year.

The Bill risks undermining  the protections that people in the UK hold dear, as well as the certainty and stability workers and businesses need if the economy is to prosper.

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Greener UK (includes the likes of the National Trust)

Civil Society Alliance


Equally Ours

Wildlife & Countryside Link

Wales Civil Society Forum


Human Rights Consortium


The Wildlife Trusts

CHEM Trust

GM Freeze

Public Law Project

Human Rights Consortium Scotland

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