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The TUC Midlands held an Equalities Conference on October 27th. The Conference heard from a variety of campaigners from across the Equalities spectrum.

The TUC conference 27/10/18 - Kurly’s summary poem

Kate Hudson kicked off contributions for today - highlighting activists that resist,

Who are ready to die and persist with justice

In their hearts,

Heart beats, that do not stop like the struggle

An example of standing up was by sitting down demonstrated by Rosa Parks

Who’s admired for never being tired of not giving up,

An important statement to remember

We had some gentle activism in the room from Maureen stepping in for Charlie

And enriching the agenda

Helping to give people a voice and a platform for hearing

Switching up and changing the pace for positive change with Amanda Gearing

A voice for warehouse workers who’re exploited for profit

Via criminal management who are less human and more robotic

Clearly no heart, no bottle but still take the pee

Big up the TUC, keep supporting the GMB

Linda made us aware of the bleeding injustice of the young girls unable to fulfil their potential

Demonstrating how sanitary supplies in schools are essential,

School seats tell the story that hurt the heart,

Where inadequate provision clearly leaves a mark

Austerity is savage, austerity is pants

Along with the abnormal normalisation of food banks

Giving thanks for contributions from Kyri, Kathy, Jonathan and Dave

Pushing forward and reminding us of vital lessons from back in the day

By organising and directing our combined energy

So Andy reminds us that inclusion is part of the remedy

It’s all bout maintaining generational momentum to take the country in the right direction

Highlighting the need to unblock communication blockages which needed a clear mention

Bob mentions the theft of our labour power

Big up the Midlands Pension Network who still blossom like flowers

It’s great that you all know your lefts from rights

Some of you are salivating at the tables that are laden with delights

My name’s Kurly hope you got something from this talk that I brought with a little flair

Enough from me, thanks for listening, now let me hand you back to the chair

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