Issue date
04 Aug 2017

TUC calls for peace talks in bitter dispute

The Regional Secretary of the TUC in the Midlands, Lee Barron, has urged Birmingham City Council to get round the table and sort out the bin strike before it leaves the city in a complete mess.

Lee said, “We are calling on Birmingham City Council to use the conciliation service ACAS to resolve this increasingly bitter dispute. It will get us nowhere if the City Council continue to avoid discussions and the potential to resolve this and simply impose its will without the agreement of the workforce. To deny ACAS involvement is a betrayal of good employee relations and the actions of the council thus far has only resulted in the City becoming a complete mess.

“You will not resolve this matter by refusing to negotiate and by refusing to use the services of ACAS. I am calling on Birmingham City Council to get around the table to resolve this matter with Unite. I will be writing to all Birmingham MP’s and Councillors asking them to join with me in making that call and I know that ACAS stand ready to assist.”