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Union Representatives One

Union representatives one online

An introduction to the role of a union rep

 - Find out what it means to be a union rep
 - Know the rights of a union rep
 - Learn how to represent your members effectively

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Health and Safety Representatives One

Health and safety one online

The starter course for a health and safety rep

 - Learn how to organise for health and safety
 - Get an overview of health and safety law
 - Learn how to negotiate with management

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Union Learning Representatives One

Union learning reps one online

Change lives through learning

 - Introduce learning to your workplace
 - Promote the value of learning to others
 - Identify learners needs

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Union Learning Representatives Two

Union learning reps two online

Develop the learning role

 - Use your ULR role to recruit members and strengthen your union
- Work with partners, learning providers and employers
- Arrange accessible learning

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