World's trade unions back Iranian workers

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Solidarity with Iranian trade unionists

Vancouver, Canada

June 2010

At the International Trade Union Confederation's world congress in Vancouver in June, the TUC joined many other union confederations and Amnesty International to raise the case of the jailed Iranian trade unionists.

Under constant threat of harassment, arrest and violence by the Iranian government, the Revolutionary Guard and employers, Iranian trade unionists continue to fight for their rights.

Saeed Torabian and Reza Shahabi, leading members of the same Tehran bus workers' union as Mansour Osanloo and Ebrahim Madadi - who still languish in Iran's jails - were arrested and are held at unknown locations last month. Their arrests may be connected to the anniversary of the disputed 2009 presidential election, which fell on 12 June. The two detained men are considered by Amnesty International to be at risk of torture or other ill-treatment.

Solidarity moment at the ITUC world congressAmnesty International, TUC and global trade unions established an urgent action to defend them - take action now, and encourage fellow union members, workmates and friends to take action.

Amnesty International, backed by the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF), organised a solidarity moment at the ITUC world congress demanding justice for the jailed trade unionists. Unite's Dougie Rooney, this year's TUC President and Gail Cartmail, Unite Assistant General Secretary and TUC's International Development Spokesperson held up the banner, leading the chants.

Since congress, the Iranian Government have claimed that they will be releasing Mansour Osanloo, which the ITUC has welcomed, but demanded that 52 other trade unionists should also be freed. Trade unions will continue to demand an end to the violations of the rights of all Iranian trade unionists.

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