TUC calls upon Government to engage with trade unions in Somalia.

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Mr Andrew Mitchell MP
Secretary of State Department for International Development

1 Palace Street

London SW1E 5HE

Dear Andrew

I have seen reports that the UK Government is supporting the initiatives by the Government of Somalia to promote economic development and improve the welfare of its citizens.

I hope that the support from the Department for International Development will go a long way towards bringing about some normality to a country devastated by conflict and make it possible for the long-suffering people of Somalia to enjoy some basic necessities of life that people even in developing countries take for granted. The TUC is particularly keen to see your Department engage with trade unions in Somalia and encourage their involvement in economic development programmes designed to create employment opportunities. Collaboration with unions ensures people's participation and more successful outcomes.

The trade union movement in Somalia is facing numerous challenges and has recently sought to re-invigorate its structures and networks with support from the international trade union movement. The TUC has developed relations with the Federation of Somali Trade Unions (FESTU) and will be pleased to facilitate contact with your Department, if appropriate.

We wish you success in your efforts to assist the Somali people in their hour of need and look forward to hearing from you on DFID engagement with Somali unions.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary

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