Rethinking Apprenticeships - Making quality count: The Union View

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Making quality count: The Union View

Fred Grindrod and Iain Murray

Trade unions have a long tradition of supporting learning and skills at work. One of the key debates at the Trades Union Congress (TUC) founding meeting almost 150 years ago was the need to improve the technical skills of workers. Union support for high-quality apprenticeships has been a constant ever since. This chapter from Rethinking Apprenticeships by IPPR [PDF] focuses on the TUC's current strategy to drive forward this agenda on two fronts:

helping unions to build on their acknowledged strengths in supporting and protecting apprentices at work and in negotiating a greater take-up of trainees among a wider pool of employers

pressing government to introduce measures to tackle some key policy challenges, in particular, to improve quality of training, equality of access and employer demand.

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