SERTUC Public Services Committee Health Conference - Saturday 25 February 2017

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Date and time of event: 
Sat 25 Feb 2017 - 10:30 to 16:00
Venue and town/city: 
TUC Congress House, 23-28 Great Russell Street, London
FREE ADMISSION (registration essential)
About this event: 


SERTUC Public Services Committee Health Conference                    

NHS in Crisis – How do we sustain its future?   

Guest Speakers: 
* Teresa Mackay, SERTUC Vice President  
* Eddie Saville, Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association (HCSA) General Secretary 
* John Lister, London Health Emergency 
* Matthew Egan, UNISON Social Care Officer
* Benedicta Lashley, Unite Health Activist
* Louise Irvine GP
* Richard Bourne 
Conference Workshops:  
* STPs – what do they mean for our NHS?  
* GP: How do we campaign in our communities? 
In the last few weeks, the Red Cross have declared a humanitarian crisis in our NHS and are providing assistance to trusts that simply do not have the resources to cope.
People are lying on trolleys in corridors waiting to be seen. Hospitals have had to turn away patients. The health service and social care are at breaking point. 
This government has created the crisis in the NHS. Hospitals are under funded, social care has collapsed which puts more pressure on hospitals, staff are overworked and conditions are deteriorating. 
The government’s drive to privatise the NHS will only make this situation worse. 
This should motivate each and every one of us to act. That is why the SERTUC Public Services Committee has called an emergency Health Conference to discuss the crisis and to support campaigning across our region.  
Information about the venue: 

TUC Congress House is a fully accessible building 

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