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TUC Organising Academy Award in Supporting Organising Course
This TUC Organising Academy course is for union staff in admin and other support roles who would benefit from a wider understanding union organising challenges and practices.  This is a three day course that provides participants with the understanding and skills required to effectively support their union's organising strategies and campaigns. 
25 April 2017 to 27 April 2017
SERTUC Race Relations Committee: Migration of Labour - History of Irish Immigrants to Britain
This event is hosted by the SERTUC Race Relations Committee in tribute to all the Migrant Workers.   The theme of the event is to start the concept of a history month of the Irish immigrants to Britain of the last few centuries. Through their mass concentration of migrant labour, they managed to make Britain the most industrialised nation in the world. This date will be the day before the anniversary of “An Gorta mor” (Great Hunger) between 1845 and 1852 that killed...
13 May 2017
3rd TUC Young Trade Union Leaders Programme
The TUC will be running the third Young Trade Union Leaders Weekend at the Holiday Inn, Manchester, on 20th & 21st May, 2017. The programme is aimed at young activists already in leadership positions at branch, sector, regional or national level within their unions. The aim of the programme is to develop awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by the trade union movement and the skills required to build strong and effective unions The programme will cover the...
20 May 2017 to 21 May 2017
Living on the Edge - The rise of job insecurity in Britain
Ten years on from the Commission on Vulnerable Employment, the TUC is hosting a major conference to discuss how unions and other civil organisations can tackle insecure work. Speakers include: Frances O'Grady, General Secretary of the TUC Matthew Taylor, head of the government's independent review into modern employment practices Trade Union general secretaries Union organisers from the front line of the fight against insecure work More speaker details will be...
23 May 2017
Birmingham Pride
27 May 2017
Gender, globalisation and poverty reduction course
This course is designed to build trade union capacity to act on international development issues. The course is for union reps who are interested in understanding how they can contribute to international development issues, either through their trade union or workplace. The course is three days long. The course will help you: understand the unequal impact of globalisation on men and women explore the ideas and policies that underpin a trade union approach to getting a better...
13 June 2017 to 15 June 2017