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This year has tested the labour movement like never before – and we rose to the challenge

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From ensuring key workers get better conditions to successfully lobbying for job-saving policies like the furlough scheme, this year our movement has worked tirelessly to further the cause of workers. Let’s spread the word.

This #HeartUnions week, we’re celebrating the efforts of people from across the labour movement who’ve kept our country running this year. 

Throughout the crisis, our movement has worked hard to serve our communities, deliver crucial services and protect public health. 

Like the Morrison's workers who kept the nation fed, and who, thanks to brilliant work from their trade union, won a £10/hour pay offer. 

Or our teachers, who’ve worked tirelessly to educate pupils under chaotic ‘management’ from ministers, and who were supported by their unions when it was no longer safe to go into school. 

Trade unions made a huge difference 

We can and should be proud of the jobs we’ve saved, the better conditions we’ve won and the workplaces we’ve made safe.  

So while we look back at the last year with deep sadness for those we lost, and frustration at those who failed to protect us, let's also look back with pride at the efforts of our members, our reps and all those from across our movement.  

We know they stood up to the challenge. 

Strength in numbers 

#HeartUnions week is an opportunity to celebrate our trade unions – and spread the word about the power that comes from being in a collective.  

The TUC will be sharing stories from our movement. And you should too.  

Whether it’s on social media or over the phone with friends and family, tell your story of how you’ve benefited from being in a trade union.  

Of how it was there for you when you needed it most. 

Let’s take this moment to encourage as many people as possible to join a union. Every new member makes our voice louder and our movement stronger. 

Because we know that the big battles of 2021 – stopping mass unemployment, winning a pay rise for key workers, tackling racism – can only be won when we stand together.  

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