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Why working people are marching against Trump – and why you should join us

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Marching against Donald Trump is about giving power back to the working people of Britain.
Photograph of Donald Trump against a black background.
Donald Trump is visiting the UK for 48 hours this July.

Marching against Donald Trump is about giving power back to the working people of Britain. It's about standing up to structural inequality and violence.

This is so important in an era where it seems like decisions are made over our heads, by people who rarely represent us – the working class.

Trump's visit is the right time for the trade union movement, alongside working people, to protest against xenophobia, racism and neo-fascism.

The growing anti-Trump movement in the UK is about more than just Trump himself.

It's about fighting a corrupt system that abuses and oppresses people, particularly women, disabled people and people of colour.

The very same communities that often bear the brunt of Islamophobic attacks are those who are used as scapegoats by the media, and who face huge barriers due to racist labour markets.

The government should never honour someone like Trump because it risks normalising not only his racist and sexist language but also the policies he supports.

Let’s be clear: those policies are toxic.

They strengthen the ideas of White Supremacy.

They are Islamophobic and victimise and profile Muslims.

They undermine and deny the existential threat of climate change and global warming.

They dehumanise migrants and reduce complex issues to simple ones.

They portray Western countries as the victims of migration, rather than the instigators.

They ignore the geopolitical relationships, resource wars, aggressive foreign policy and the 'democratisation' of foreign lands at the hands of America.

All of that speaks to issues in the UK, particularly the anti-immigrant atmosphere championed by Brexit.

That’s why everyone in Britain should be alarmed by Trump’s visit.

It’s why we need to march tomorrow to show our disgust and discontent at Trump and the well-oiled Trump machine.

Tomorrow, working people will make it clear that Britain will not stand for this kind of politics.

The core principle of trade unionism is that the strong help the weak. But the core principle of Trumpism seems to be that the strong should trample the weak.

We won’t stand for it. We hope you’ll join us.

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