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What’s the faith and belief network?

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Trade unions tackle a range of issues. We campaign to change policy and improve life for working people across the country. We represent our members; fight for dignity and respect at work; and we fight against in-work poverty and deprivation. And we play a vital role defending working class communities and strengthening social bonds.

The Faith and Belief network was set up in recognition that we are not the only ones that do this work.  

There are a whole raft of groups, organisations and societies that are embedded within communities and are also concerned with these issues. Many of these are based in local churches, mosques,  synagogues etc. And others identify religious principles as being vital to their outlook and mission.  

Moreover, a lot of trade unionists identify as members of these groups, and view their participation in social and political life through that lens.  

Recognising that trade unions and faith or community groups have shared interests and concerns, the TUC convened the Faith and Belief network.  

What is the Faith and Belief network?  

The faith and belief network is a collection of trade unions and faith-based groups.  

What does the Faith and Belief network do? 

We convene to develop an ongoing dialogue, build relationships, and explore connections in our work. 

The Faith and Belief network meets quarterly to discuss pressing issues facing working class communities and trade union members. These include dignity at work, trade union rights, low-pay and poverty.  

What does the Faith and Belief network not do? 

The network is not intended as a forum for addressing faith-based discrimination, antisemitism or anti-Muslim racism.  

These are serious issues and trade unions and their members are committed to fighting them. But, they come under the remit of other bodies. For instance, the Countering the Far Right project. And there are a number of other civil society groups, many of which are supported by trade unions, that also engage in this area. 

The network also doesn’t address specifically religious topics. While we recognise that spiritual and religious issues will be important to many trade unionists, they are best equipped to discuss and debate those within and between their faith-based communities. The network is not intended to engage in religious discussions and debates.   

If you want to learn more about the faith and belief network or get involved, contact Kam Gill or Riz Hussain.  

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