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Our McStrike was just the tip of the iceberg – we won’t stop until we win

Steve Day Guest
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On 4 September last year, I went on strike with my co-workers at McDonald’s in Cambridge.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

It was the first McDonald’s strike in UK history.

We were forced into this position. We had submitted multiple grievances from lots of people in different stores about lots of different issues. For the most part, they were completely ignored. Even those they did accept were never properly dealt with.

So we went on strike over lots of issues. But these are our main three demands: a £10 an hour minimum wage for all workers, an end to exploitative contracts, and union recognition.

I united with my co-workers over £10 an hour, because living on £7.65 an hour isn’t living. It’s a struggle to get by. I had to spend several weeks sofa-surfing a couple of months ago before I found myself somewhere secure to live. I don’t earn enough to save for emergencies.

We work for a company that measures its profits in billions. We shouldn’t have to suffer so they can make even more.

Going on strike was terrifying at first. We didn’t know what to expect or what people would think.

But when it first went public in the press we started getting messages from people all over the world about what we were doing. Everyone was supporting us – none of us had ever had so many people in our corner. On the day of the strike, we met hundreds of people who came to support and congratulate us.

I think that’s what they call solidarity.

And that was just the tip of the iceberg. McDonald’s workers from across the country know we're fighting back.

Thousands are joining us and we know that this is just the beginning.

We aren't going to stop until we win!

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