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The election result shows that we need a new deal for working people

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This election was about bread and butter issues – what needs to change for ordinary working people.

And no wonder: if current trends continue, in five years’ time 3.5 million people will be in insecure work, as gig working, self-employment, agency work and zero hours contracts rise and rise.

People everywhere are feeling the pinch as wages fail to keep up with rising prices. The average wage is still £1,200 less than it was in 2008. Only this week, OECD figures showed our declining wages put us bottom of the international table.

Our economy is badly unbalanced, with London and the South East accounting for nearly 40% of GDP, whilst key industries in other regions are threatened by Brexit uncertainty and .

To turn this around, the next government must deliver a new deal for working people.

They should implement popular policies from the campaign – like banning zero-hour contracts, pushing up the minimum wage and delivering a long overdue pay rise for nurses, midwives and all public servants.

And it’s clear that there is no mandate for a no-deal Brexit. The government should go back to the drawing board and negotiate a Brexit deal that puts UK jobs, decent wages and workers’ rights first.