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Boris Johnson at the European Commission
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Boris Johnson's Brexit deal - a disaster for working people

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Boris Johnson has negotiated a deal that would hammer the economy, cost jobs and sell workers’ rights down the river. All MPs should vote against it.

The Brexit deal just announced between the EU and UK government would be a disaster for working people.

The revised political declaration on the future relationship sets out that the UK government would seek to negotiate a free trade agreement with the EU.

A free trade agreement could shrink the UK economy by 6 per cent, hammering jobs and livelihoods, and putting our NHS and public services at further risk.

Leaving the customs union will also make trade more expensive and slower, hitting working people’s pockets. Low income families would be hit hardest.

Free trade agreements the world over are sorely lacking in protection and enforcement for workers’ rights.

The revised political declaration asserts that while a level playing field is required in order to ensure fair competition between the EU and UK, the extent of shared employment protections will depend on the nature of the economic relationship. The closer the economic relationship, the closer the level of protection afforded to workers.

But this shouldn’t fool anyone. The government is clear that it wants a free trade agreement, not a close economic relationship.

So this deal gives no guarantee that workers’ rights will be protected or keep pace with improvements in the rights of workers across the EU.

In fact, given the Tories’ track record on everything from protection against unfair dismissal to employment tribunal fees, it seems certain that this government would take the opportunity to worsen rights at work.

The trade union movement has been clear from the start - any Brexit deal must protect jobs, rights, and peace in Northern Ireland.

Boris Johnson’s deal is even worse for working people than Theresa May’s deal and would sell workers down the river.

We cannot support it and ask every MP to vote against it.

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