HeartUnions week will be taking place from 12 to 18 February 2018. It’s a week of activity throughout England and Wales that focuses on the good work that unions do, and shows how unions offer everyone a voice at work.

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Why are we doing HeartUnions week?

HeartUnions week is all about building a stronger movement. We want as many of you to get involved as possible.

This week is an opportunity to celebrate the good work unions do in workplaces across the country. This year we're highlighting two campaigns in particular:

Young McDonald's workers standing with Frances O'Grady
#McStrike shows us that collective bargaining is a fundamental human right

Supporting young workers organising at McDonald's, and supporting the campaign to get more members to sign up to the union helping them fight for better pay and condition

Give our public servants some love for heartunions week

Campaigning for a funded, above inflation pay rise for all public sector workers.


How can we get involved?

If you want to highlight the great work done by unions and reps where you work and live, please get in touch through our Twitter or Facebook pages.

If you want to show some love to public sector workers, you can upload a photo, send us a video, write a comment on the following site:


We'll feature our favourites on the website, as well as on our social media channels, during HeartUnions week.

More information about how to get involved will be provided over the coming weeks. Sign up to our mailing list to get the latest HeartUnions updates.

Why join a union?

Unions help workers get together, stop people being treated unfairly and get a better deal from their employers.

They’re the voice of Britain at work. Almost six million people are members of a union – from nurses to checkout assistants to lorry drivers to airline pilots .

They are for you when times are tough, even providing free legal advice if you need it. There are lots of discounts and offers for union members too. And every year they help more than 200,000 people get the training and learning opportunities they need to move on in their career.

Liam has had support from his union rep since he was 18
Mikey, a rep in my store at the time, came to the meetings with me and gave me loads of advice which helped to put me at ease.
Liam, shop floor worker

How to join

It's always good to join a union that's already active where you work - ask your colleagues, or look for information on a union noticeboard or on staff web pages.

Some jobs have unions that look after them specifically. Other jobs don’t – but they are looked after just as well by general unions, who have specialist sections.

If you’re confused about which union to join, our online union finder will help you find the right one.

Use the online unionfinder tool now

There’s strength in numbers. So why not see if your friends and colleagues at work want to join up to a union too, and all do it together.

Rob learns as he represents NHS workers
Since I took that decision to become a rep, I haven’t looked back. I’ve done courses with UNISON and the TUC, getting computer skills and completing a diploma in employment law.
Rob, NHS porter