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Amy Shaw
Job title
Manager of BECTU Vision

Having worked as a freelancer in film & TV for almost 10 years I took a break to have my children.

I was keen to continue working in an industry that I loved and had spent my whole working life being a part of, but found the long hours and lack of flexibility meant it was impossible to take on a job with two young children and a partner also working in the sector.

There is no childcare provision that would cover the 14 hours a day I would be working and I also didn’t want to have to spend that much time at work when my children were young.

I had been seeking opportunities within the sector that offered more conventional working hours and secured various shot term contracts developing and running training programmes for new entrants.

When the role of Manager of BECTU Vision was advertised myself and a colleague approached Prospect and BECTU to ask if they would consider a job-share application which they did.

When we were successful in getting the post we were unsure of exactly how our time would be split as we both had childcare commitments and wanted to work similar patterns through the week.

BECTU offered us the opportunity to work flexibly and split our hours however we felt practical.

The message was simple, we won’t dictate your work pattern if you can deliver the hours and what BECTU Vision needs.

In our 18 months in post we have developed the brand of BECTU Vision, designed and delivered many short courses and new initiatives to grow our sector (including a job-sharing initiative inspired by our own experience) increased membership and secured further funding to continue to do so.

The flexibility offered by Prospect & BECTU means I can do nursery drop-offs and attend events that are important to my children while also being able to continue my career and make a difference in the industry I feel so passionate about.

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