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What is TUC Training?

TUC Education trains union reps to work with union members and officers to make a difference in their workplace.

Whether you're looking for a reps course or you want to refresh your skills as an experienced rep or you're simply interested in becoming a union rep, we have a course for you

You can choose from classroom or online training, a webinar or an interactive guide, you should be able to find training that suits you. 

TUC Education trains union reps to work with union members and officers to make a difference in their workplace. Training is run in partnership with further education colleges and online across the UK. Union reps attend from a wide range of industries and unions. 

Whether you are a:

  • shop steward
  • workplace rep
  • safety rep
  • union learning rep
  • equality rep
  • green rep
  • or other trade union rep

you’ll find training available that will give you the skills you need as a rep to be effective in the workplace.

Training includes classroom and online versions of:

  • union reps stage 1
  • employment law
  • health and safety stage 1 and 2
  • union learning reps stage 1 and 2

The online programmes are freely available for self-study and can be accessed as soon as a rep takes office, at a time and place most convenient, using a smart phone, tablet or computer via our online learning platform. And of course, the online programmes can enhance the delivery of classroom courses.

If you want updates on a particular workplace issue then interactive guides and webinars are a great place to start.

Interactive guides are short, bite-sized chunks of online learning that contain a mix of text, video and quizzes, and we have over 30 to choose from.

Webinars are short briefings held on the internet for an online audience. New webinars on issues affecting reps are run regularly.

To look for TUC courses, training, events, webinars and eNotes visit our training page.

Union Professionals training

TUC Education also offers a wide-ranging programme of training for union professionals – union officers and staff directly employed by TUC affiliated unions.

We offer blended courses, which combine the flexibility of online learning with traditional classroom-based training. This allows us to cover large areas of knowledge in subjects such as Employment Law. And we offer short classroom-based courses on more detailed topics such as social media or project management. The courses are unique in that they address the subject area from the perspective of a union officer or member of staff and relate directly to their daily work and responsibilities.

For full details of courses, content, dates, venues and costs please contact Marie Hughes

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