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NASUWT, The Teachers' Union, represents teachers and headteachers in all sectors from early years to further education.

Our philosophy of putting teachers first means that we will campaign on your behalf and support and represent you to ensure that you are recognised and rewarded as a highly skilled professional and have working conditions which enable you to focus on your core role of teaching and leading teaching and learning.

In addition, as a member you will have access to professional advice and guidance, a wide range of opportunities for professional development and training and many other benefits.

The only union dedicated to teachers and headteachers throughout the UK. 

  • We offer unrivalled protection, benefits and support.
  • Get professional support through our advice lines and specialist employment law advisers. 
  • Access free training, insurance offers and high street discounts. 
  • Your first 6 months’ membership is free (T&Cs apply).
Main Trades
Nurseries and childcare
Male 77,615 | Female 220,628 | Total 298,243
Employers represented include:

All types of schools and colleges across the whole of the UK including all phases of education.

General secretary
Patrick Roach
Cost of membership

Any teachers joining the NASUWT for the first time will receive 6 months of free membership from the point they join the union.

Student and newly qualified teachers have separate free membership offers.

Once paying subscriptions, the cost for a teacher working full time is £17.12 a month or £205.48 a year and less for part-time teachers, depending on the contracted hours of work.

Membership benefits

Whatever stage in your career, the NASUWT is there to support you.

You’ll get access to world-class conferences and events and nationally accredited CPD and professional courses to support your career progression, many provided free of charge or subsidised exclusively for NASUWT members.

We provide help when you need it including national telephone advice lines delivering a first line of service for members backed up by a network of regional in England and national centres in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales with specialist legal assistance provided when you need it. Being an NASUWT member means having someone on your side at work.

All NASUWT members benefit from the strong collective voice that membership of the NASUWT provides when advocating on behalf of members to employers and to government. We also provide a wide-range of benefits, services offers available from over 250 companies nationwide including 1000s of high street discounts.


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