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LESE Environmental Sustainability and Just Transition Network is sub group of LESE Regional TUC.

It was set up in 2019 to bring members together from different industries and occupations in the London, East and South East Region to look at climate justice and jobs as a trade union issues.

We understand that there can be different perspectives and policies both within and between unions in many areas including decarbonisation, sustainability and the jobs we need for the future. The Network aims to be a safe space for honest debate, to examine how workers can affect and are affected by climate change, how we can achieve climate jobs and a green new deal, support industrial action and jobs in jeopardy with worker-led plans for a just transition to an equitable low carbon future, and how we can work collectively to achieve climate justice.

ESJTN shares information and encourages participation in trade union groups including Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group (CACCTU) - to develop and update demands for One Million Climate Jobs, the Greener Jobs Alliance (GJA) and Trade Union Clean Air Network (TUCAN), and in the COP26 Coalition and trade union working group in this crucial year of the Glasgow Climate Talks. It liaises with other LESE TUC Networks and reports to LESE TUC Regional Council. It looks at the work of other regional TUCs & trades councils and collaborates with climate campaigns.

As well as inviting speakers and hearing from members region-wide, it is looking at the potential for internal working groups as the Network expands. The first of these is the Food Group, recently convened to look at sustainable agriculture, food production and employment.

ESJT Network produces a weekly bulletin and meets every two months, online on Monday evenings between 18.00-20.00.

Please join us or send delegates from your union if you are not already represented. Observers are welcome. 

To join Network or attend a meeting please email:

Co-Chair: F Premru (TSSA)

Co-Chair: A Harney (PCS) 

Vice Chair: S Ballard (Unite)  

Secretary: K Vazquez (GLATC)

Assistant Secretary: M Hynes (PCS)  

Meeting Calendar

Tuesday 4 May 2021, Environmental Sustainability and Just Transition Network online meeting 


020 7467 1218
020 7467 1220

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