Delivered Date
03 Oct 2015


“Trade is one of the most important issues facing our movement and our members. Millions of our members earn their livings making things, transporting and selling them.

“The TUC is not against free trade, but these agreements sent about trade. They aren't about increasing trade, creating jobs or raising wages. They're about deregulation, privatisation and the removal of standards that protect workers, citizens and consumers.

“They're about taking the brakes off neoliberalism, allowing multinational companies to run riot; driving down wages & labour standards and consumer protection. Forcing governments to become risk averse in fear of multibillion pound fines in private courts.

“Investor State Dispute Settlement offers the rich multi-billion dollar payoffs, when all workers can get is a stiffly worded, expert report. I'd gladly swap - we should get the billions in compensation, they can have the beautifully written slap on the wrist!

“That's why we're opposed to the Canada EU trade deal, the US EU trade deal, the Trade in Services Agreement and every other neoliberal corporate greed-fest.

“We welcome the 3 million signatures against TTIP. We send solidarity to the DGB demonstration next week. We should celebrate the way we drove the Commission back on ISDS, even if all they've changed is the name. We pay tribute to the work done by MEPs, and by our American friends fighting the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

“These are important struggles. But don't be fooled: these trade deals are so deeply flawed, they will never be acceptable they are profoundly undemocratic

“Don't confuse trade agreements with trade. Reject the trade deals, support the campaign against them and fight for a fairer most just world for all.”