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Workplace bullying questionnaire

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This November is anti-bullying month. The TUC is concerned workplace bullying is still a big issue for far too many workers across the UK.

The TUC is carrying out new research to find out about the scale and the effects of the problem of workplace bullying.

Bullying in the workplace can take many forms and the results can be devastating for the victim's physical and mental health. People have told the TUC about:

  • being shouted at or humiliated in front of their colleagues,
  • having their work unfairly and repeatedly criticised,
  • being constantly undermined,
  • being separated from their teams,
  • having decent work withheld from them and
  • having gossip spread about them behind their back.

Have you been bullied at work? Can you share your story with us to help raise awareness of how damaging workplace bullying can be? Can we use your story in our materials and in the media?

If you'd like to help the TUC raise awareness of this big workplace problem, please fill in our questionnaire.

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