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Workers’ voice in corporate governance - A European Perspective (2015)

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Workers’ voice in corporate governance - A European Perspective 2015Workers’ voice in corporate governance - A European Perspective [PDF]

There is increased interest across the political spectrum and within the trade union movement in exploring options for workers’ voice in corporate governance and worker representation on company boards. The TUC is publishing this report written by Aline Conchon of the ETUI as a contribution to that debate, updating a report originally in published in 2013.

In the UK, worker representation on company boards is often associated with Germany and its two-tier board system. What is less widely known is that workers have the right to be represented on company boards in 19 European countries, and that this applies in countries with a unitary board system like the UK as well as those with a two-tier board system such as Germany. 

This report sets out the situation in relation to worker voice in corporate governance across Europe. It examines the differences and similarities in provisions on worker representation in corporate governance in different European countries, as well as EU regulations and Directives on the subject. 

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