Workers’ rights from Europe: the impact of Brexit

Report type
Research and reports
Issue date
07 Apr 2016
Key findings

"All the social rights in employment currently required by EU law would be potentially vulnerable”.

We asked employment law expert Michael Ford QC to identify the rights that he believes are most at risk after Brexit. They include:

  • properly-paid holidays,
  • protections for agency workers,
  • health and safety protections,
  • and protections from some forms of employer discrimination – such as compensation rates, and protections for pregnant workers and older workers.

This independent legal opinion, commissioned by the TUC from Michael Ford QC of Old Square Chambers, identifies the dangers of Britain leaving the EU for working people and their rights at work. It lists the rights that would be most at risk of being diluted or scrapped after Brexit, and it considers the mechanisms for disapplying EU workplace laws in the UK.