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What will you earn in 2022?

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British workers are stuck in the longest pay squeeze since Victorian times. But with UK real wages failing to keep up with the cost of living, there's a lot more pain on the horizon.

To help you gaze into the future, we’ve built a nifty pay calculator. It will show you what might happen to your own pay under the government’s forecasts.

Find out what you'll earn by 2022, today!

Living standards are a big issue in this election. But the government’s current numbers show that we’ll still be getting rubbish pay rises until the next election in 2022.

On the current course, the UK will stay near the bottom of the league for real wage growth, whilst workers in countries like Germany or the USA will get a much better deal. Britain needs a pay rise too!

We think all the political parties who want our votes must tell us how they're going to boost living standards across the UK

Try the 2022 pay calculator now

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