Issue date
03 Dec 2013


UCU, UNISON and UNITE members working in universities and further education colleges across the SERTUC region are on strike today, 3 December, fighting for fair pay and a fair deal. Since 2009 pay has been effectively cut each and every year in both colleges and universities due first to a pay freeze and then a tiny pay rise, whilst the cost of living has increased rapidly in those years. In real terms college and university staff have seen their pay cut by roughly 14 per cent in 4 years. At the same time they have suffered rounds of redundancies, increased casualisation of their jobs, including the evil of ‘zero hours’ contracts, and increased workloads.

These union members are picketing outside Chelsea College of Art and Design, 3 December 2013. SERTUC sends its solidarity greetings to all those trade union members who supported the strike today.