Issue date
06 Apr 2017

Dear Ambassador

Support for the Argentinian trade union movement strike against austerity on 6 April

As the national trade union centre for Great Britain, the British Trades Union Congress (TUC), with nearly six million members, express its solidarity with the Argentinian trade union movement and its 6 April strike against austerity. I would be grateful if you could inform the government you represent that British unions share the concerns of the Argentinian trade unions, with whom we are in regular contact.

The workers of Argentina are resisting and mobilising against the neoliberal agenda imposed by the current Government. These pro-market policies are producing a deep social and economic crisis, human rights violations, increasing inequality, social exclusion and poverty. Working people in Argentina are suffering in terms of unemployment, lower wages and higher prices for essentials, as well as losing public services.

For these reasons, on 6 April, the Argentinian union movement has called for a nationwide strike to protest against austerity measures, increase of tariffs of basic public services, loss of purchasing power and the refusal by the State to engage in wages and conditions collective bargaining. All of which combined have resulted in a huge blow to the living conditions of Argentinian working people.

Likewise, resistance and protests are directed against massive lay-offs, repression and criminalization of social demonstrations and persecution against social and trade union leaders, reminiscent of dictatorships of past decades.

Along with the international trade union movement to which the TUC and the Argentinian trade unions belong, we express our support and solidarity with the working people and the Argentinian trade unions in their struggle to defend democracy against neoliberalism.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary