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Submission to government consultation on UK-US trade

Report type
Consultation response
Issue date
Key findings
  • A trade deal with the US cannot substitute for a good Brexit deal with the EU - not only could it not replace current volumes of trade with the EU but a trade deal with the US poses serious risks to workers' rights, safety standards and public services.
  • Workers in the US have far fewer rights than those found in the EU with trade unions effectively outlawed in 'Right to Work' states. A trade deal with the US could encourage a 'race to the bottom' on rights.
  • US health companies already have a significant presence in the NHS. A trade deal with the US that resembles TTIP threatens to increase privatisation in the NHS.  TTIP inadequately exempted public services and contained ISDS, these US companies could sue the UK government if it attempted to renationalise the NHS or change the way it was run.
  • A number of recent actions by the US government suggest the US is not currently a desirable partner to enter trade negotiations with. In particular, President Trump’s recent imposition of tariffs on steel and aluminium from the EU that has put thousands of jobs in manufacturing under threat.

For more see: 'Five reasons why Liam Fox's "ideal" US-UK deal would be a disaster for workers'…

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