Solidarity with US oil refinery workers

Issue date
12 Feb 2015

Letter to USW President Leo Gerard from TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady

Safety in US oil refineries

I understand from Unite that a delegation of striking workers from refineries owned by Shell, Marathon and Tesoro will bring your campaign for a safer oil industry to Europe this week, meeting with trade union allies in the Netherlands and Great Britain, and that they will be in London on Thursday this week.
The TUC Executive Committee which met this morning pledged to support your fight to ensure that US refineries are safe for those who work in them and for the communities that surround them. The importance of safety in an industry that in just the past eight years has seen at least 349 reported fires, many of which have led to fatalities, explosions and catastrophic injuries, cannot be overstated.  
Shell, leading for the employers in negotiations, must offer serious proposals to address the USW’s concerns about safety, onerous overtime and unsafe staffing levels.
I wish you and your members well in their campaign.