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Solidarity with Greek Finance Ministry cleaners

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Sonia Mitralia
Cleaners' Co-ordinating Committee
Greek Finance Ministry

By email to

Dear Sonia

Solidarity with the cleaners

On behalf of the trade union movement in Great Britain, with our 6 million members, I send solidarity to you and your sisters in the Ministry of Finance who are demanding justice and respect in the face of austerity. Our solidarity also goes to the union to which you belong, and the trade union confederations and their members who have done so much to resist and oppose the forces of austerity in Greece and across Europe.

Your struggle, which we are supporting through the Greece Solidarity Campaign in the UK, is symbolic of the cause for which we are all fighting. You demonstrate the spirit of workers everywhere in demanding the end of austerity and, in more concrete terms, demanding your jobs back in place of the sub-contractors brought in to replace you. People need good jobs with good wages, not permanently low-paid, insecure work.

We support the international day of solidarity on Saturday 20 September, and I wish you every success in your campaign.

Yours sincerely


General Secretary

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