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The Great Jobs Agenda: Giving every worker the opportunity to progress

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Everyone at work deserves a great job. A great job is one where the worker is paid and treated fairly. And it’s one where workers get opportunities to progress, to learn and to have a voice on what matters.

That’s why we’ve created the Great Jobs Agenda. The agenda will give the trade union movement a common set of bargaining asks in workplaces. And it sets out what we want the government to do to ensure that every worker has a great job with fair pay, regular hours and the opportunity to progress.

Frances O’Grady, TUC General Secretary

Voice at work

“If you complain they would gang up and lessen your hours […] I am scared if I raise anything, they would stop all the good things
about my job.”

Fair and decent pay

“Changeable income makes paying bills and budgeting hard. Can't afford to take holidays or be off
sick as it means a lower wage that month.”

Regular hours

“I don't get a rota for the coming week till the Friday if I am lucky – this makes planning anything but work difficult. During quiet periods I will have no shifts so making ends meet is hard but then if it’s busy I’m expected to work 70+ hours.”

Learning and progression

“Told me I would be trained to do everything, never got proper training and they had a go at me for doing things wrong when I hadn't done that particular thing before.”

Fair treatment and respect

“I get shouted at constantly, treated like I'm nothing, and get yelled at for taking time off.”

Healthy workplaces

“They do not follow health and safety standards and the building had no running water, we wash up in a bin before putting things through the dishwasher and the place is freezing and covered in mould."

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