General Council Report - Chapter 15

Issue date
28 Aug 2001

chapter 15 obituary

Margaret Morrison, who died in March 2001, was a former president of the Civil Service Union and a long-standing member of the TUC Women’s Committee. She was also co-Chair of the Women’s National Commission and a member of the ETUC Women’s Committee. As a civil service cleaner at the Department of Health and Social Security offices in the North East, she championed the cause of the low paid public sector workers and the cause of women’s equalities, whilst also fighting the early moves towards privatisation of public services. In retirement she remained an active member of the PCS retired members association.

Audrey Prime, who served on the General Council from 1968 until 1977, died on May 2, 2001. On completion of her fulltime education, Audrey Prime joined the local government service and, in 1936, became a member of Nalgo, eventually becoming a full-time official of the union. One of only two women on the TUC General Council, throughout her period of office, she served on most of the TUC’s senior committees and chaired the Health Services Committee from its formation in 1971 until her retirement six years later. She also represented the TUC on a number of public bodies and was a member of the Royal Commission on the Health Services. Soon after her retirement she chaired a review body which examined TUC salaries compared with a range of other organisations and helped determined the TUC’s salary structure over a long period of time.