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Emergency Motion - E2 Colombia

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E2 Colombia

Congress welcomes the announcement on 24 August that the Government of Colombia and the FARC-EP have reached a final peace agreement and congratulates both parties, the Colombian people and our sister trade union movement.

Congress notes that this historic agreement is the first in the world to have a specific gender rights element seeking to guarantee the rights of women and LGBT communities.

Congress welcomes the central role that Justice for Colombia has played building international support for the peace process, its appointment as an official advisor to the talks, and recognises that JFC will need to build international support for monitoring the implementation of the agreement and ensuring an improvement in the human and labour rights situation.

Congress notes that far-right paramilitary groups continue to pose a risk, with 35 human rights defenders assassinated in the first six months of 2016 and that the post-agreement period will need close international attention.

Congress welcomes the release of Dr Miguel Beltran from detention and calls for the release from prison of Huber Ballesteros and all political prisoners.

Congress calls on the General Council to:

i     make a statement congratulating the parties on the final agreement, noting the gender element

ii     maintain its support for JFC in monitoring the agreement on the ground and commit to participation in JFC’s peace monitoring delegations

iii    encourage regional and national affiliations for JFC and assist to fundraise for its work

iv    call for the de-listing of the FARC-EP now that a peace agreement has been reached.

Mover: University and College Union

Seconder: UNISON

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