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Wales TUC
Organisation and Services Department
Job title
Communications Support Officer, Wales TUC

Gavin is a Policy and Communications Support Officer for Wales TUC.

Gavin works with the Wales TUC Trade Union education team delivering training and learning for union representatives in Wales. Gavin is the events organiser and co-ordinator for Wales TUC delivering events such as:

  • Health & Safety representative events
  • Union representative update events
  • Womens Summer School
  • Senior women professional Summer/Autumn schools
  • Wales TUC Congress
  • Annual tutor briefings
  • Wales TUC staff training events

Gavin is the Wales TUC’s digital and media designer delivering in-house graphic design for Wales TUC.

Prior to working at Wales TUC, Gavin worked in the Presentation and Technical Services department as Department Manager and Graphic Designer for Corus Strip Products UK Port Talbot Works before moving onto working in Virgin Media and becoming the Communications Workers Union Health & Safety Rep at Virgin Media’s Matrix Court site. Building on his Health & Safety experience at Virgin Media, Gavin is the Health & Safety representative for Wales TUC.

Gavin Pearce
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