Issue date
12 Jul 2017

- John Walker today won a half-decade legal fight for equal pension benefits for his husband
- Employers no longer able to exclude same-sex partners from spousal pension benefits

John Walker today (Wednesday) won landmark case in the Supreme Court case, ensuring that same-sex partners can no longer be paid less from pension funds saved by their partner.

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

“This is a huge moment, which trade union members have long campaigned for. Pension law must catch up with the times, and discrimination against same-sex couples and those in civil partnerships must end.

“The courts today have removed a barrier to equality.  This ruling must end a system that has left thousands of people with added stress when they are grieving for loved ones.

“The ruling results from the equality rights that come from the EU. The government must make sure that the Repeal Bill, and the Brexit deal, do not allow these rights to be rolled back after Britain has left the EU.”