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Today, we remember the trans people who’ve been murdered around the world for no other reason than who they are.
​​​​​​​Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR) 20th November

And we know that far too many trans and non-binary people still face discrimination in work with research continuing to find transphobia is prevalent within the UK, both inside and outside of workplaces.

However, transphobia is not just rooted in individual workplaces or at the individual and interpersonal levels it is often state sponsored. Far-right governments of the world continue to pursue the anti-LGBT+ agendas which includes countries within Europe like Hungary and Poland.

And the UK government is not immune from this and is using trans rights as a wedge issue to divide working class people.

It has not made progressive reform to the Gender Recognition Act forcing trans people to go through a lengthy and humiliating process to change their gender.

It has launched consultation on banning conversion therapy, something widely acknowledged as being akin to torture when it should ban the practice outright and has seemingly encouraged attacks on long standing LGBT+ charities.

We want to see a United Kingdom that is leading voice for LGBT+ equality here at home, and around the world, that stands up against anti-LGBT+ regimes on the global stage. The Trade Union movement will use its voice and influence to make that a reality.

All Trade Unions stand in solidarity with our trans and non-binary siblings today and will continue to fight for them to be treated with dignity at work and for all workplaces to be free from prejudice.

TUC LGBT+ Committee

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Today, we remember the trans people who’ve been murdered around the world for no other reason than who they are. 

“Far too many trans people still face discrimination in work. A TUC study found that half of trans workers experience bullying and harassment while just trying to do their jobs.

“Unions reps can make a real difference to trans people’s working lives. They stand up for workers facing discrimination, and make sure workplaces are safe and inclusive for everyone.

“I’d urge anyone worried about discrimination in their workplace to join a union, to make sure they are supported, represented and heard."


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