Issue date
29 Mar 2017

29 March 2017

Commenting on the triggering of Article 50 today (Wednesday) by the Prime Minister to initiate the UK’s exit from the EU, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

“The Prime Minister must take all the time needed to get the best deal for Britain – not just the fastest deal. British workers and British jobs are relying on it.

“The best deal will guarantee that hardworking Brits keep their hard-won rights at work – and that in the years to come they won’t miss out on new protections that Dutch, Spanish and German workers get. It must protect good jobs, with decent wages, by keeping our trade free from tariffs and unnecessary bureaucracy. And it must end the disgraceful uncertainty for workers from other EU nations who’ve made the UK their home.

“The Brexit deal will define Britain’s future for a generation. We owe it to ourselves and our children to take the time needed to get it right.”


Notes to Editors:
- The TUC will provide expert advice and commentary on the white paper on the ‘Great Repeal Bill’, which will provide details of how workers’ protections will be transposed from EU law to UK law.
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