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Dear sisters and brothers, 

This May Day we are reminded of our past struggles for dignity and justice, and the huge challenges we face in defending our members throughout this pandemic. 

We have seen all those who delivered vital services during this trying year and have fought to ensure their rights. 

Collectively we must address the economic impact of  the pandemic, ever growing inequality, structural racism, the rise of far right populism and the climate crisis. 

Our fundamental values of internationalism and solidarity endure and we send you and all the workers you represent our warm may day wishes. We know that when we work together across borders we can achieve true and lasting change. 

We appreciate and value our continued friendship and look forward to working together over the coming months to achieve equality, social justice, peace, decent work and an end to exploitation.

In solidarity

Frances O'Grady

TUC May Day video 

May Day is a moment to remind ourselves that when workers come together across borders, no-one can keep us down.

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