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05 Apr 2017

Government must crack down on businesses behaving badly, says TUC

Commenting on the report published today (Wednesday) by the joint parliamentary committee on human rights, which proposes improvements to legislation and enforcement to strengthen protection against abuses of workers’ human rights, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

 “Slavery and abuse of working people’s rights should not be tolerated, whether it’s in Britain or abroad. We need stronger laws and better enforcement to crack down on it.

“We welcome the proposal that there should be stronger requirements on trade union recognition, including in businesses’ supply chains. The government should work with trade unions to crack down on businesses behaving badly.

“We hope the government will respond positively to the committee’s proposals. Good business need better protection against unfair competition from companies that mistreat UK staff, or turn a blind eye to slavery and abuse in foreign supply chains.”


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