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Heartunions week 10-16 February, is all about recruiting people. A chance to tell the story about why unions are vital for everyone at work, and encourage them to join a union.

The focus for heartunions week

This year, the campaign focus for heartunions week is tackling sexual harassment at work. We're demanding employers to take reasonable steps to protect workers from sexual harassment and victimisation. Most employers rely on individuals reporting cases, but this is not enough. 4 out of 5 people don’t feel able to report sexual harassment to their employer . We’ve got a plan to radically change this - but we need you with us.

Here's how you can take part

  • Kick off #heartunions week by joining our urgent call on Monday 10 February at 7pm with Frances O’Grady and others to discuss the plan on how we can take action together to prevent sexual harassment.
  • Get a refresher on how to have a good organising conversation by joining our webinar on Tuesday 4 February . We’ll hear top tips from two exciting young organisers in the movement.
  • Run a workplace event, rally, or a street stall , highlighting the good work unions do? You could get signatures for our petition calling for a change in the law on sexual harassment or find a local issue that your union can make a difference on. Whatever you are doing for heartunions week download our activist pack to get advice on how to run your actions.

Contact TUC regions if you want resources or help with your event.Northern |North |Yorkshire & | |London, South East & |South West, |Wales

Heartunions materials and merchandise

We have a collection of heartunions resources for you to download and use throughout the week. We also have pens, mugs, t-shirts and badges you can purchase from our online shop. Get your Heartunions material .

If you want to order in bulk you can order from our online shop or speak to your union officer. If you need heartunions material in Welsh, please contact

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