Issue date
12 Dec 2018

The TUC has today (Wednesday) published All Tomorrow’s Jobs, a report on how the UK can take advantage of new technologies to increase the supply of high-quality jobs in manufacturing and high-tech industries.

In the UK just 9% of the workforce is in manufacturing, compared to an average of 14% in OECD countries.

To help reach the OECD average, the TUC is calling for the government to set a target of the net creation of 1 million more jobs in manufacturing and high-tech industries by 2030.

The TUC’s five priority policies to deliver new manufacturing and high-tech jobs, based on the evidence set out in the report, are:

  • Make more of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) work for manufacturing employment
  • Build local eco-systems to deliver employment-rich economic growth
  • Offer new skills to those at risk of industrial disruption
  • Trade unions to be fully represented on the new Industrial Strategy Council and on sector deals
  • A Brexit deal that protects jobs and workers’ rights – the best option the TUC currently sees is membership of the single market and customs union, but we are open to alternatives

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

Too many parts of Britain have been held back by a lack of decent jobs. They deserve better. That means businesses, government and trade unions working together, locally and nationally, to bring high-tech industries to more places across the UK.

“We need a local industrial strategy for every town that has been held back. We need to train workers in the skills needed for tomorrow’s high-tech industries. And we need a Brexit deal that protects jobs - we are open to alternatives, but the best option currently looks like being in the single market and customs union.”

Editors note

- The full report All Tomorrow’s Jobs: How robotics and new technology can create better work can be found here:

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