HeartUnions week in Wales
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Mon, 10 Feb 2020 - 00:00 to
Sun, 16 Feb 2020 - 00:00

Are you planning a HeartUnions event? Let us help!

HeartUnions week will be taking place from 10 to 16 February 2020. It’s a chance to tell the story about why unions are vital for everyone at work, and encourage people who aren't yet in a union to join. It’s the perfect week for reps and activists to publicise what they've been doing and make the case for union membership. 
What's HeartUnions week all about?

HeartUnions week is all about recruiting people. In 2020 we'll roll out new training on how to have organising conversations, as well as materials and advice on recruiting new members.
The theme
During HeartUnions week we want to highlight the good work that unions do and show how they offer everyone a voice at work.
In HeartUnions week we will also be campaigning on stamping out sexual harassment at work. We will share a petition and actions you can take action on sexual harassment in your workplace. Getting involved in the campaign would be a good way to encourage non-members to get involved.
Get involved
To prepare you for HeartUnions week we'll be rolling out some new training and resources. This will include:

  • A national TUC Education webinar on 4 February at 2 pm, on “Having a Good Organising Conversation: 101". This is for all reps and activists who want to learn about speaking to unorganised colleagues. Register for the webinar today
  • A toolkit of downloadable materials to support a week of ‘conversations’ with colleagues and un-unionised workers about the value of being a union.

Some ideas for HeartUnion week activities in your workplace:

  • Why not make and share a short film about what your union does, to highlight the wins you’ve had?
  • Hold a workplace HeartUnions event or stall – we’ll have some HeartUnion freebies and leaflets available for you to order.
  • Plan a HeartUnions social media campaign to raise your profile and highlight the good work you do – use the hashtags #heartunions and #caruundebau in your posts.
  • Supporting the TUC’s #thisisnotworking campaign to tackle sexual harassment (more details below)

To help support your activities during the week, we have the following leaflets and promotional materials available to order:

  • HeartUnions join a union leaflet (bilingual)
  • unions for a better working life pocket guide (English only)
  • pocket guide to organising (English only)
  • TUC charter for a new deal for working people (English only)
  • sexual harassment workplace posters (English only)
  • sexual harassment know your rights leaflets (English only)
  • HeartUnions pens (bilingual)
  • HeartUnions stickers (bilingual)
  • HeartUnions pin badges (bilingual)

Please email wtuc@tuc.org.uk with your name, address and details of what you like to order. Order by the end of January to make sure we can get your packs out in time. Quantities are limited but we'll try to accommodate your order wherever possible.

#Thisisnotworking campaign - tackling sexual harassment at work

This HeartUnions week we’re promoting the #thisisnotoworking campaign on tackling sexual harassment in the workplace. This campaign will include:

  • A model workplace/employer policy to get your employer to sign up to
  • A mass membership zoom call to galvanise activists, give advice and get them to take action with their mates in their workplace. Register for the zoom call here.
  • Follow-up advice on how to plan an event or campaign on winning your workplace policy
  • A toolkit and suite of printed literature that we can send you to support your activities

Join us on HeartUnions week and be loud, be proud, BE UNION! ❤❤