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Emergency protest: Protect the right to strike
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Mon, 22 May 2023 - 18:00 to 20:00

Parliament Square
United Kingdom


Multi-millionaire Tory politicians are attacking YOUR right to strike.

They're planning to SACK key workers who take action to improve pay and conditions.

Join the emergency rally in Westminster to say: REJECT and REPEAL the Strikes Bill.

Why we are protesting

We can’t afford to lose the right to strike. But multi-millionaire Tory politicians are attacking our right to strike for better pay and fair treatment at work.

They're planning to sack key workers who take action to improve pay and conditions. First they’re coming for paramedics, firefighters and rail workers- but who will be next?

Join the emergency protest in Westminster to demand that MPs REJECT the Strikes Bill and to demand that opposition parties commit to REPEAL the Strikes Bill.

This is our last chance to save key workers’ jobs, our last chance to save the right to a pay rise. We will not be silenced- come to the protest to make your voice heard. Protect the right to strike.

The attack on our right to strike has reached a critical point. On Monday, the Strikes Bill returns to the House of Commons where MPs will cast their final vote.  

MPs will have a clear choice: will they support the right of working people to go on strike for fair pay? Or will they attack our fundamental rights and sack key workers if they take strike action? 

The Tories have supported this bill at every stage, and proved they will stop at nothing to hurt working people. They have seen the impact our strikes have had, and know the public are on the side of striking workers. Their last resort is an outrageous attack on our right to strike. 

On Monday, as the bill goes through its final stages, the TUC has called an emergency protest outside Parliament. Can you join and make your voice heard?   

At the protest, we will hear from key workers and union leaders on what we must do next. We will not give in until these laws are defeated.  

If the Tories are going to attack our right to strike, we need to make them pay a political price for it, so that they don't attack workers' rights again. And we need to make sure that opposition parties are committed to repealing this terrible law if they are elected. So can you join our emergency protest to call on MPs to reject and repeal the Strikes Bill? 



We want everyone coming to have a safe and comfortable experience. If you require any adjustments or assistance to participate at this event, please let us know at

There will be a viewing area/accessible hub at the front of the rally. Westminster tube is an accessible station.

The TUC has identified two stewards with specific responsibility for disabled access at the event. If you have any access needs that are not being met, please ask a steward to contact the disabled access stewards for you. They will be located in viewing area/accessible hub.”

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