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'Climate and Employment Proof Our Work' - ITUC global day of action
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Climate and Employment Proof Our Work (#CEPOW) – 22nd September

In the run up to COP26, the Wales TUC is supporting the global day of action to ‘Climate and Employment Proof Our Work’ on 22nd September, an initiative led by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC). This day is an opportunity to be part of a global conversation taking place in workplaces across the world. 

On this day, trade union reps are invited to start a conversations about what can be done to protect climate and jobs in their workplaces. This could involve setting up a meeting with the employer to discuss what climate change means for your workplace and activities like setting up a discussion or awareness raising event with members.

Over half of carbon emissions are work-related, so workplaces have a huge role to play in the effort to reaching net zero. Many workplaces can
significantly reduce their carbon footprint right now, for example by:

➔ maximising every worker's right to flexible working,
➔ making sure buildings and appliances are energy efficient,
➔ repairing and refurbishing equipment and furniture instead of buying new, and
➔ activating a Cycle to Work scheme.

We know that reps and branches will be at different stages on this. It doesn’t matter where you are starting from, the important thing is to get a discussion going! To help reps prepare, we have lots of resources:

The ITUC has a great campaign page with more resources here and is also offering a live online training briefing for reps on 23rd August – register here. You can also speak to your own union to see what resources and support they can provide. If you’re sharing any of your branch’s activities as part of the day on social media remember to use the hashtag #CEPOW and please also tag @WalesTUC (Twitter) or @WalesTUCCymru (Facebook and Instagram) so that we can share your posts.