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Climate emergency: winning a Just Transition

We need timely, worker-friendly climate action to protect our planet and future-proof our jobs.
Our objectives

We are campaigning for

1. A climate and jobs action plan in every workplace - negotiated with workers and their unions.

2. Government investment in future-proofing our infrastructure, industries and jobs.

3. A national Just Transition Commission to make sure that the transition leaves no worker behind.

4. Climate action led by the public sector: our town councils, health services, education institutions, and public energy companies.

5. Policies that protect jobs against offshoring.

6. Statutory rights for environmental reps in the workplace. 

We are building a network of union reps and active members who want to take climate action in the workplace and future-proof jobs. Sign up to hear about our events and trainings, and for a chance to connect to other reps and active members in your region.

Every country, every town, every workplace needs a plan to get us to a zero carbon economy on time. Done right, this transition could mean good jobs, cleaner air and warmer homes for all. But unless government acts fast and invests big, we risk missing science-based targets and losing good, unionised jobs in industries like steel, chemicals, and car manufacturing. The future of over 600,000 manufacturing and supply chain jobs in Britain depends on timely and worker-friendly climate action.

We need a green recovery that delivers a timely and just transition, including an £85 billion infrastructure investment to create 1.24 million green jobs in the UK over two years.

TUC guide to building retrofit at work

Cold and draughty buildings with poor air quality affect our wellbeing and health at work. Running buildings is increasingly expensive due to the cost of living and energy bill crisis, and is the third largest carbon emitting sector globally. Done in the right way, maintenance and retrofit can fix these issues.

This guide provides suggestions for trade unionists on why and how to start advocating for building retrofit at work.

Go to guide


Negotiating a Green New Deal at the University of Liverpool

Progress so far

"By linking the green transition to employment rights, by appreciating how colleagues can apply their varied expertise, and with solidarity across unions, we have made progress. For me at least, it has been a major source of hope, and has started to offer clues about what a better world might look like." Read Theo's story

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