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I spent a week on work experience at the TUC – here’s what I learned

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I’ve written a blog about what I did each day – and what I learned about the world of work

I’m a year 11 student who’s just finished my work experience at the TUC alongside three other people from my school.

I was chosen to be in the Campaigns and Communications Department, where I attended meetings and worked on a summary of my time here.

I’ve also written this blog about what I did each day – and what I learned about the world of work.

Day 1

On the first day I was given a tour of the building and was shown the different offices and departments. I was also introduced to the lunch area (it’s free!), where I can make myself a cup of tea/coffee whenever I want.

I met everyone in my department, who are all very nice, and learnt a lot about unions and what they do.

I was told about my placement role and the tasks I would be doing within this week.

Day 2

I was beginning to feel more relaxed in the office environment.

I learnt about their app and the Young Workers Programme.

Unions need more young people to join as most of union members are above 40 and will be retiring soon.

I was introduced to the digital team and was asked to write a blog about my time at the TUC.

I also went to an ACAS presentation regarding the Young Workers Programme and noted down the questions the people asked.

Day 3

I started to read a summary of a debate that happened in the House of Commons about Modern-Day Slavery.

It was very interesting to see two sides of the argument.

The digital team showed me their website and the social media platforms they use to spread awareness of the trade union movement.

They make petitions for campaign causes and always get lots of signatures to warn the politicians of what they are doing wrong.

The more signatures they get, the more awareness they’ll bring to the issue.

Day 4

Today I typed up the summary of the Parliamentary debate I read.

As I was doing that, I understood more about what they were talking about.

The government has only just started to take modern-day slavery seriously. During the debate, they mostly discussed the Modern Slavery Act and what can be done to improve it.

Day 5

It’s the last day and as I’m finishing this blog I have realised how well I’ve settled in.

I was also asked to write down my opinion on the TUC website, what are the positive and negative things.

Lessons learned

On the whole, I’ve learnt a lot about this place, the role of this department and what unions do.

Meeting new people has also boosted my confidence.

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